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Summary of my Arafah khutbah

Saturday, August 10, 2019 | 21:31 WIB Last Updated 2019-08-10T15:13:14Z

By Shamsi Ali from Arafah

HAJIMAKBUL.COM - It’s an honor and privilege to deliver a khutbah Arafah to our Group in Arafah. In my Khutbah I underlined three points on the meaning of hajj. 

That hajj is:

- an expression of our commitment to perfect our Islam. All kinds of rituals/ibadaat are found in the hajj. That is one of the reasons why hajj is mostly related to Ibrahim, who is known as the Father of all monotheistic people (Abul ambiyaa).

2. As an expression of universality of humanity. As such, hajj is considered a direct war against racism. And how the Prophet singled out the importance of admitting universal human equality in his final sermon in Arafah during his final hajj.

3. An expression of universal Muslim Brotherhood. And how Muslims ukhuwah has been and would be always a key for this ummah to rise. The sufferings of our fellow Muslims worldwide can not be resolved by rhetorical speeches alone.

The many challenges we are facing today can and may only be resolved  by rebuilding that Muslim universal brotherhood and Islamic solidarity. 

We prayed for all...pray for us too! (*)

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